User SDK Documentation


The User SDK provides a client for interacting with user-related endpoints, enabling you to manage users through a specified API.


To use the User API, you need to instantiate the User class with a valid API key.

from alloy_python.uapi import UAPI

api_key = 'YOUR_API_KEY'
uapi = UAPI(api_key)


List Users

Retrieve a list of users.

users_data = uapi.User.list_users()

Get User

Retrieve information about a specific uapi.User.

user_data = uapi.User.get_user(user_id)

Create User

Create a new uapi.User.

user_data = {'username': '[email protected]'}
user_data = uapi.User.create_user(user_data)

Update User

Update information for a specific uapi.User.

updated_user_data = {'username': '[email protected]'}
updated_data = uapi.User.update_user(user_id, updated_user_data)

Delete User

Delete a specific uapi.User.

deleted_data = uapi.User.delete_user(user_id)

Error Handling

The User SDK provides error handling for API requests. If an error occurs, it prints an error message with status code and reason.

    response_data = uapi.User.list_users()
except ValueError as e:
    print(f"Error: {str(e)}")