Login with Shopify


The Login with Shopify feature offers Alloy users the convenience of authenticating their account using their Shopify credentials. This comprehensive guide breaks down each step for a smooth login process.


  • An active Shopify account and a valid shop subdomain are essential.
  • Ensure you can access the URL https://app.runalloy.com/shopify-login. It's important to note that this URL isn't directly linked from the Alloy app interface.

Getting Started:

The process to log in with Shopify for your Alloy account requires accessing a distinct URL. This URL isn't readily available through the standard app interface. To use the Shopify login, visit: Shopify Login for Alloy.

Steps for Shopify Login:

  1. Access the Shopify Login URL
    Navigate to the URL: https://app.runalloy.com/shopify-login using your preferred web browser.
  2. Enter Shopify Shop Subdomain
    Within the displayed input field, enter your unique Shopify shop subdomain. After input, click the Submit or Continue button. If your subdomain is recognized, you'll be promptly redirected to the official Shopify login page.
  3. Authenticate with Shopify
    At this stage, on the Shopify login page, provide your Shopify credentials and follow the subsequent prompts to finalize authentication.

Upon successful authentication, you'll experience a seamless redirection to the Alloy Dashboard.