CRM SDK Documentation


The CRM SDK provides a client for interacting with our Customer Relationship Management (CRM) model.


To use the CRM API, you need to instantiate the CRM class with a valid API key.

from alloy_python.uapi import UAPI

api_key = 'YOUR_API_KEY'
uapi = UAPI(api_key)

Set the connectionId

Set the connectionId using the connect() method.




List Accounts

List all accounts with an optional filter.

all_accounts = uapi.CRM.list_accounts()

Get Accounts Count

Get the count of accounts.

accounts_count = uapi.CRM.get_accounts_count()

Get Account

Get detailed account information by ID with an optional filter.

detailed_account_info = uapi.CRM.get_account(accountId)

Create Account

Create an account with the provided data.

account_data = {"accountName": "Mojica"}
created_account = uapi.CRM.create_account(account_data)

Update Account

Update an account by ID with the provided data.

update_account_data = {"accountName": "UpdatedAccountName"}
updated_account = uapi.CRM.update_account(accountId, update_account_data)

Delete Account

Delete an account by ID.



List Contacts

List all contacts with an optional filter.

all_contacts = uapi.CRM.list_contacts()

Get Contacts Count

Get the count of contacts.

contacts_count = uapi.CRM.get_contacts_count()

Get Contact

Get detailed contact information by ID with an optional filter.

detailed_contact_info = uapi.CRM.get_contact(contactId)

Create Contact

Create a contact with the provided data.

contact_data = { "firstName": "Gregg", "lastName": "Mojica" }
created_contact = uapi.CRM.create_contact(contact_data)

Update Contact

Update a contact by ID with the provided data.

update_contact_data = { "firstName": "Gregg", "lastName": "Jameson" }
updated_contact = uapi.CRM.update_contact(contactId, update_contact_data)

Delete Contact

Delete a contact by ID.



List Leads

List all leads with an optional filter.

all_leads = uapi.CRM.list_leads()

Get Leads Count

Get the count of leads.

leads_count = uapi.CRM.get_leads_count()

Get Lead

Get detailed lead information by ID with an optional filter.

detailed_lead_info = uapi.CRM.get_lead(leadId)

Create Lead

Create a lead with the provided data.

lead_data = { "lastName": "Mojica", "company": "Alloy" }
created_lead = uapi.CRM.create_lead(lead_data)

Update Lead

Update a lead by ID with the provided data.

update_lead_data = { "lastName": "Mojica", "company": "Alloy Automation" }
updated_lead = uapi.CRM.update_lead(leadId, update_lead_data)

Delete Lead

Delete a lead by ID.



List Notes

List all notes with an optional filter.

all_notes = uapi.CRM.list_notes()

Get Notes Count

Get the count of notes.

notes_count = uapi.CRM.get_notes_count()

Get Note

Get detailed note information by ID with an optional filter.

detailed_note_info = uapi.CRM.get_note(noteId)

Create Note

Create a note with the provided data.

note_data = {"noteTitle": "Meeting Notes", "content": "Discussed future plans."}
created_note = uapi.CRM.create_note(note_data)

Update Note

Update a note by ID with the provided data.

update_note_data = { "noteContent": "New Note", "noteTitle": "Test", "noteContact": "contactId" }
updated_note = uapi.CRM.update_note(noteId, update_note_data)

Delete Note

Delete a note by ID.



List Tasks

List all tasks with an optional filter.

all_tasks = uapi.CRM.list_tasks()

Get Tasks Count

Get the count of tasks.

tasks_count = uapi.CRM.get_tasks_count()

Get Task

Get detailed task information by ID with an optional filter.

detailed_task_info = uapi.CRM.get_task(taskId)

Create Task

Create a task with the provided data.

task_data = {"taskSubject": "Mappings"}
created_task = uapi.CRM.create_task(data=task_data)

Update Task

Update a task by ID with the provided data.

update_task_data = {"taskSubject": "New Mappings"}
updated_task = uapi.CRM.update_task(taskId, update_task_data)

Delete Task

Delete a task by ID.



List Opportunities

List all opportunities with an optional filter.

all_opportunities = uapi.CRM.list_opportunities()

Get Opportunities Count

Get the count of opportunities.

opportunities_count = uapi.CRM.get_opportunities_count()

Get Opportunity

Get detailed opportunity information by ID with an optional filter.

detailed_opportunity_info = uapi.CRM.get_opportunity(opportunityId)

Create Opportunity

Create an opportunity with the provided data.

opportunity_data = {"opportunityName": "NewDeal", "amount": 5000.0}
created_opportunity = uapi.CRM.create_opportunity(opportunity_data)

Update Opportunity

Update an opportunity by ID with the provided data.

update_opportunity_data = { "opportunityName": "New Opportunity", "opportunityStage": "appointmentscheduled", "closeDate": "2026-11-17" }
updated_opportunity = uapi.CRM.update_opportunity(opportunityId, update_opportunity_data)

Delete Opportunity

Delete an opportunity by ID.



List Users

List all users with an optional filter.

all_users = uapi.CRM.list_users()

List Users Count

Get the count of users.

users_count = uapi.CRM.list_users_count()

Get User

Get detailed user information by ID with an optional filter.

detailed_user_info = uapi.CRM.get_user(userId)

Create User

Create a user with the provided data.

user_data = { "userFirstName": "Gregg", "userLastName": "Mojica", "userEmail": "[email protected]" }
created_user = uapi.CRM.create_user(user_data)

Update User

Update a user by ID with the provided data.

update_user_data = { "userFirstName": "Hanna Grace" }
updated_user = uapi.CRM.update_user(userId, update_user_data)

Delete User

Delete a user by ID.