Commerce SDK Documentation


The Commerce SDK provides a client for interacting with our Unified Commerce model.


To use the Commerce API, you need to instantiate the Commerce class with a valid API key.

from alloy_python.uapi import UAPI

api_key = 'YOUR_API_KEY'
uapi = UAPI(api_key)

Set the connectionId

Set the connectionId using the connect() method.



List Customers

List all customers with an optional filter.

all_customers = uapi.Commerce.list_customers()

Get Customer

Get detailed customer information by ID with an optional filter.

detailed_customer_info = uapi.Commerce.get_customer(customerId)

Create Customer

Create a customer with the provided data.

customer_data = { "firstName": "Alloy", "lastName": "Tester", "email": "[email protected]", "phone": "+639173220218" }
created_customer = uapi.Commerce.create_customer(customer_data)

Update Customer

Update a customer by ID with the provided data.

update_customer_data = {"customerName": "UpdatedCustomerName"}
updated_customer = uapi.Commerce.update_customer(customerId, update_customer_data)

Delete Customer

Delete a customer by ID.


List Orders

List all orders with an optional filter.

all_orders = uapi.Commerce.list_orders()

Get Order

Get detailed order information by ID with an optional filter.

detailed_order_info = uapi.Commerce.get_order(orderId)

Create Order

Create an order with the provided data.

order_data = {"orderNumber": "ORD-001", "totalAmount": 100.0, "customerId": "customer123"}
created_order = uapi.Commerce.create_order(order_data)

Update Order

Update an order by ID with the provided data.

update_order_data = {"orderNumber": "UpdatedORD-001"}
updated_order = uapi.Commerce.update_order(orderId, update_order_data)

Delete Order

Delete an order by ID.


List Products

List all products with an optional filter.

all_products = uapi.Commerce.list_products()

Get Product

Get detailed product information by ID with an optional filter.

detailed_product_info = uapi.Commerce.get_product(productId)

Create Product

Create a product with the provided data.

product_data = {"productName": "SampleProduct", "price": 50.0, "category": "Electronics"}
created_product = uapi.Commerce.create_product(product_data)

Update Product

Update a product by ID with the provided data.

update_product_data = {"productName": "UpdatedProduct"}
updated_product = uapi.Commerce.update_product(productId, update_product_data)

Delete Product

Delete a product by ID.


List Product Variants

List all variants of a product with an optional filter.

all_product_variants = uapi.Commerce.list_product_variants(productId)

Get Product Variant

Get detailed information about a product variant by ID with an optional filter.

detailed_variant_info = uapi.Commerce.get_product_variant(productId, variantId)

Create Product Variant

Create a variant for a product with the provided data.

variant_data = {"variantName": "SampleVariant", "price": 60.0, "color": "Blue"}
created_variant = uapi.Commerce.create_product_variant(productId, variant_data)

Update Product Variant

Update a variant of a product by ID with the provided data.

update_variant_data = {"variantName": "UpdatedVariant"}
updated_variant = uapi.Commerce.update_product_variant(productId, variantId, update_variant_data)

Delete Product Variant

Delete a variant of a product by ID.

uapi.Commerce.delete_product_variant(productId, variantId)

List Fulfillments

List all fulfillments for an order with an optional filter.

all_fulfillments = uapi.Commerce.list_fulfillments(orderId)

Get Fulfillment Count

Get the count of fulfillments for an order.

fulfillment_count = uapi.Commerce.get_fulfillment_count(orderId)

Get Fulfillment

Get detailed information about a fulfillment by ID for a specific order with an optional filter.

detailed_fulfillment_info = uapi.Commerce.get_fulfillment(orderId, fulfillmentId)