Learn how to set up and configure your FreshBooks account with Alloy

So you want to connect your FreshBooks account to Alloy? Well you've come to the right place.

  1. To get started with our Freshbooks app, navigate to Unified API > Get Started
  2. Select the Accounting app category and click Connect.

  1. A modal will appear with a list of the accounting integrations we currently support on Alloy. From here, select FreshBooks. You'll be redirected to FreshBooks and prompted to sign in with your credentials. Enter your login credentials. Once successful, you'll be redirected to Alloy.

4. Click the Connect to FreshBooks button to grant Alloy permission to sync data to your FreshBooks account.

  1. Click Done to complete the integration and close the modal.

  1. Once successful, Alloy will automatically begin provisioning your credentials. You can copy your credentialId and begin making requests to our Unified API!