Accounting SDK Documentation


Aloy Unified API prpvides a client for interacting with our Unified Accounting model.


To use the Accounting API, you need to instantiate the Accounting class with your API key and establish a connection.

from alloy_python.uapi import UAPI

api_key = 'YOUR_API_KEY'
uapi = UAPI(api_key)

Set the connectionId

Set the connectionId using the connect() method.



Company Information

List Company Info

List company information with an optional filter.

company_info_data = uapi.Accounting.list_company_info()

Get Company Info Count

Get the count of company information records.

company_info_count = uapi.Accounting.get_company_info_count()

Get Company Info

Get detailed company information by ID with an optional filter.

detailed_company_info = uapi.Accounting.get_company_info(companyId)


Create Account

Create an account with the provided data.

account_data = {"accountName": "SampleAccount", "accountType": "EXPENSE", "currency": "USD"}
created_account = uapi.Accounting.create_account(account_data)

List Accounts

List all accounts with an optional filter.

all_accounts = uapi.Accounting.list_accounts()

Get Account Count

Get the count of accounts.

account_count = uapi.Accounting.get_account_count()

Get Account

Get detailed account information by ID with an optional filter.

detailed_account_info = uapi.Accounting.get_account(accountId)

Update Account

Update an account with the provided data.

update_data = {}
updated_account = uapi.Accounting.update_account(accountId, update_data)

Delete Account

Delete an account by ID.



Create Customer

Create a customer with the provided data.

customer_data = {
    "customerName": "Alloy",
    "addresses": [
            "addressType": "BILLING",
            "street1": "Beverly Hills",
            "zipCode": "90210",
            "country": "US"
    "phoneNumbers": [
            "phoneNumberType": "MOBILE",
            "phoneNumber": "09173210215"
created_customer = uapi.Accounting.create_customer(customer_data)

List Customers

List all customers with an optional filter.

all_customers = uapi.Accounting.list_customers()

Get Customer Count

Get the count of customers.

customer_count = uapi.Accounting.get_customer_count()

Get Customer

Get detailed customer information by ID with an optional filter.

detailed_customer_info = uapi.Accounting.get_customer(customerId)

Update Customer

Update a customer with the provided data.

update_customer_data = {}
updated_customer = uapi.Accounting.update_customer(customerId, update_customer_data)

Delete Customer

Delete a customer by ID.



Create Vendor

Create a vendor with the provided data.

vendor_data = {
    "vendorName": "Alloy123",
    "vendorStatus": "ACTIVE",
    "addresses": [
            "addressType": "BILLING",
            "street1": "Avenue of the Americas",
            "zipCode": "90210",
            "country": "US"
    "phoneNumbers": [
            "phoneNumberType": "MOBILE",
            "phoneNumber": "09173210215"
created_vendor = uapi.Accounting.create_vendor(vendor_data)

List Vendors

List all vendors with an optional filter.

all_vendors = uapi.Accounting.list_vendors()

Get Vendor Count

Get the count of vendors.

vendor_count = uapi.Accounting.get_vendor_count()

Get Vendor

Get detailed vendor information by ID with an optional filter.

detailed_vendor_info = uapi.Accounting.get_vendor(vendorId)

Update Vendor

Update a vendor with the provided data.

update_vendor_data = {"vendorName": "UpdatedVendorName"}
updated_vendor = uapi.Accounting.update_vendor(vendorId, update_vendor_data)

Delete Vendor

Delete a vendor by ID.


Tax Rates

List Tax Rates

List all tax rates with an optional filter.

all_tax_rates = uapi.Accounting.list_tax_rates()

Get Tax Rate Count

Get the count of tax rates.

tax_rate_count = uapi.Accounting.get_tax_rate_count()

Get Tax Rate

Get detailed tax rate information by ID with an optional filter.

detailed_tax_rate_info = uapi.Accounting.get_tax_rate(taxRateId)

Tracking Categories

List Tracking Categories

List all tracking categories with an optional filter.

all_tracking_categories = uapi.Accounting.list_tracking_categories()

Get Tracking Category

Get detailed tracking category information by ID with an optional filter.

tracking_category_info = uapi.Accounting.get_tracking_category(trackingCategoryId)

Get Tracking Category Count

Get the count of tracking categories.

tracking_category_count = uapi.Accounting.get_tracking_category_count()